NCJW NY operates out of Council House, our vibrant multi-service community center located in the heart of the Upper West Side. Council House is a safe haven for needy New Yorkers from all walks of life. For our volunteers, Council House serves as a hub for community action and engagement.












Our ground floor café hosts our Food Pantry and Community Kitchen as well as other NCJW NY events and programs. Council Lifetime Learning (CLL) art classes, exercise classes, theater classes, and discussion groups all take place on the second and fourth floors. Our third floor conference room serves as a meeting space for support groups and other NCJW NY groups.

Looking for Space to Rent for Your Event?

Located on West 72nd Street just steps from the 1/2/3 subway station, Council House has rooms available for your program, class, or event. Most spaces are available on weekdays (early morning and late afternoons/evenings) and on Sundays (Perfect for a Church group).

Ground Floor Café 

Room Dimensions: Approximately 13 1/2 by 65 1/2 feet

Capacity: 108 people




Second Floor Large Meeting Room/Event Space

Room Dimensions: Approximately 15 by 62 feet

Capacity: 74 people




Fourth Floor Art Studio 






Third Floor Conference Room 

Room Dimensions: Approximately 15 by 22 feet

Capacity: 20 people




All spaces are wheelchair accessible, fully heated and air conditioned. Other classrooms and smaller meeting rooms may also be available.

Reasonable rates, from $40 – $250 per hour.

For more information, contact Rita Shapiro, NCJW NY Director of Finance & Operations, at 646-884-9463 or