Jews for Repro NY is a grassroots organizing initiative activating Jews and Jewish leaders to speak out for abortion access in the New York metro area. This movement will build locally to provide a space for New Yorkers to show up as Jews for reproductive rights.

New York’s Jewish community is hungry to engage in the fight for abortion access. Jews for Repro NY will enable advocates to take hands-on, meaningful volunteer action on repro issues most relevant here in New York, including: increasing public funding for abortion access; using our vote to protect reproductive rights; and fighting the tactics of fake clinics.

Current Opportunities to Join Us

Repro Shabbat 2024!

Reproductive freedom is a Jewish value. National Council of Jewish Women hosts Repro Shabbat annually on the Shabbat when we read Parshat Mishpatim, the portion of the Torah commonly used as the foundation of Judaism’s approach to reproductive health, rights, and justice. In these challenging times, it is vital to understand these issues and acknowledge that our fight is far from over.

You can bring Repro Shabbat into your home! NCJW has all the resources you’ll need to celebrate reproductive freedom as a Jewish value with your friends and family or quietly by yourself. Learn more and sign up to celebrate Repro Shabbat at home here.

Click here for an interactive PDF of all of NCJW NY’s Repro Shabbat 2024 events and how to get involved!

Here in New York, we will be focusing our Repro Shabbat events on the upcoming New York State Equal Rights Amendment ballot measure. The ERA will be on the ballot in November 2024 for all New Yorkers to vote on, and if passed, will enshrine abortion protections into the New York State constitution, as well as expand protections to many marginalized groups.

We at NCJW NY have planned several events and actions for the week leading up to Repro Shabbat specifically for New Yorkers. After you register for Repro Shabbat, NCJW NY will send a suite of resources and programs that you can take part in as a community or individually.

Things You Can Do Right Now:


Inform Your Networks Follow Pro-Truth on Instagram, twitter and Facebook @iamprotruth and share our posts. Share the map of real and fake clinics on our Pro-Truth website ( and share news articles about fake clinics.

Inform Vulnerable Populations: Fake clinics target women and girls of color and immigrants living in low-income communities. If you are involved with community-based agencies serving these populations (high schools, community colleges, religious institutions, legal aid providers, housing organizations and shelters, community health centers) help Pro-Truth connect to them and provide informational materials. Contact us at



The Shield Law promotes access to medication abortion via telehealth for women nationwide by providing certain legal protections to medical professionals in New York providing telehealth to patients in other states. This bill has passed the NY State Senate. Sign this petition to urge your Assembly member to support this bill:

Reproductive Freedom and Equity Act: The Reproductive Freedom and Equity Grant Program (S.348.B /A. 361A) would invest in New York State’s abortion care infrastructure. This bill establishes a comprehensive, sustainable state program that will invest in providers to support abortion access. This bill has passed in the State Senate but not the Assembly. Contact your legislators and urge them to support this bill here.

Jewish communal pledge for medication abortion access: Add your voice by pledging to help us move closer to a world where every person is able to access comprehensive, affordable, compassionate, and equitable abortion care in whatever setting they choose and at whatever time they choose.



Despite legal access in New York state, abortion is often inaccessible for low-income people. If you are able, support the New York Abortion Access Fund.



You’ll get important updates, advocacy action alerts, event invitations, and volunteer opportunities. Click here or email us at



Get involved in planning events, advocacy actions, and lobby visits. Contact NCJW NY’s Director of Advocacy and Volunteer Engagement, Aviva Zadoff, at

Rabbis for Repro

Reproductive freedom is a Jewish value, and now, more than ever, we need Jewish moral leadership to speak out for reproductive health, rights, and justice.  Learn more about our Rabbis for Repro campaign here.

Jews for Abortion Access toolkit

Find social media graphics and toolkits here.