Council Lifetime Learning (often abbreviated to CLL) is National Council of Jewish Women New York’s oldest community service project. Established in 1946 and formerly called Council Senior Center, it was the first program in Manhattan to offer extensive full-day activities for older adults 55 and above.

The mission of Council Lifetime Learning is to promote and enhance healthy aging by offering programs and services that assist elders in realizing the full potential of their talents, intelligence and emotional experience. Informed by current research and best practices in the field of creative aging, Council Lifetime Learning staff and volunteers sculpt programming based on several key attributes of creative aging, including:

  • Mental Exercise
  • Physical Exercise
  • Challenging Leisure Activities
  • Mastery Achievement
  • Establishment of Strong Social Networks.

Our members enjoy an array of fine art classes, college level courses, several exercise programs, a theatre box office, cultural, educational, social, holiday and special events programming. Council Lifetime Learning offers programming that is culturally competent and that promotes the acceptance and exploration of differences.


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To speak with someone about Council Lifetime Learning programming, contact Denise Paradiso, Program and Volunteer Coordinator, at 212.687.5030 x 0.

Fine Arts and Performing Arts Classes

Council Lifetime Learning offers a wide variety of classes in the fine arts and performing arts to empower older adults to explore, create, and practice new skills. As one of New York’s premier art studios for the older adult, Council Lifetime Learning prides itself in offering the highest quality art classes and performing arts classes under the supervision of professional teaching artists. All classes are offered to members at very low fees, with scholarships available for those in financial need.

Art classes include Collage, Watercolor, Stained Glass, Ceramics, Painting, Weaving, Pastels, and Figure Drawing. Performing arts classes include tap dance, musical theater, acting, and voice lessons. The art in the banner was created by CLL art students!

Discussion Groups and Lifelong Learning

Council Lifetime Learning offers weekly discussion groups and classes on a variety of topics. Many of these classes are created and facilitated by our members, depending on their own interest and expertise. Others enlist the participation of retired university professors through the New York Council for the Humanities.

Current programs and activities include: Short Story Workshop; Astronomy Class; Council House College (a series of DVD lectures); Women’s Group; Mind Aerobics; the Men’s Life Focus Group; Meditation; Current Events Discussion Group; and a group focused on The Emotional Aspects of Aging.

Social Services

Council Lifetime Learning maintains a social work services department to assist members with resources and referrals, providing information and connections to the vast and complex network of older adult services in New York City. Our social worker also facilitates various programs to instill a healthy life style among members and to connect to those who may be homebound or have recently experienced health problems that may hinder attendance. To reach Social Worker Letitia Maun, please call 212-687-5030, x471 or email

Seminars and Workshops for Healthy Living

Council Lifetime Learning offers semi-monthly seminars for a variety of older adult issues under the banner of Healthy Living. Topics addressed include Medicaid and Entitlements, Healthy Eating, Fall Prevention, and Estate Planning.

Exercise Classes

The exercise and movement classes offered are tailored as much as possible to ensure that members with all levels of ability can participate and receive optimal benefits. All health and fitness classes are led by trained professionals. Exercise classes currently include yoga, NIA Wise Moves, Zumba Gold, and Feldenkrais method.

Support Groups

Our staff social worker leads two Bereavement Groups each week, helping members cope with the loss of a spouse or partner. In addition, we hold a weekly Caregivers Support Group for people caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease. Inquiries about these groups can be directed to Social Worker Letitia Maun, at 212-687-5030, x471 or

LINC Program

The Lunch, Interaction, Nurturing & Companionship (LINC) program is designed to provide people with memory impairment and their paid caregivers with a 3-hour recreation/activities program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. The program includes cognitive activities, discussion, music and movement and a light lunch.

Participants are screened by their ability to relate to others, to participate in activities and function in a group. Family members usually visit the program prior to enrolling their family member and discuss its appropriateness with the Project Coordinator or NCJW NY’s Licensed Social Worker.

The focus of the program is to 1) provide a stimulating and enjoyable day for people with memory impairment to build on their strengths and increase resiliency; 2) provide a place for people to connect and make friendships and 3) offer paid caregivers a program in which they are encouraged to learn techniques that they can use at home.

Box Office

Our Box Office for members offers free and heavily discounted tickets to concerts and dance performances as well as Broadway and off-Broadway theater. Volunteers contact theaters and other performing arts organizations to request tickets, and available performances are displayed on the Box Office bulletin board.

The box office is open:
Tuesday through Friday –  10:30 to 12:30; 1 to 3PM

They can be reached at (212) 687.5030 x 486