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Fall 2019 Council Lifetime Learning Classes

Monday, September 9, 2019 from 8:00 am to Friday, December 13, 2019 from 5:00 pm

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Founded in 1946, Council Lifetime Learning (CLL) is the first and longest established cultural center for older adults in New York City.  Many of our programs are designed and facilitated by CLL members and volunteers. CLL is the place to be for active New Yorkers who value life-long learning and broadening their social networks. CLL attracts the best and brightest teachers, volunteers and members to and provides a wide range of arts, humanities, cultural, educational and recreational programming.  Research has proven that arts and culture offer a natural, joyous means of learning, sharing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through all stages of life. An average of 200 older adults come through our doors each week, and over the last year, approximately 500 active seniors have participated in a broad range of programs.

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CLL programming is only open to members of NCJW NY. You can become a member or renew your membership on the class registration online form. Base membership for seniors costs $72 per year at. Higher levels of membership include different perks, the details of which can be found in the Membership section of the class registration form.
For those in financial need, scholarships are available.

Please note, Council House will be closed on the following dates:

Labor Day: Monday, 9/2

Elevator Update: Friday, 9/27

Rosh Hashanah: Monday, 9/30 and Tuesday, 10/1

Yom Kippur: Tuesday, 10/8 (early closing) and Wednesday, 10/9

Sukkot: Monday, 10/14 and Tuesday, 10/15

Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah: Monday, 10/21 and Tuesday, 10/22

Thanksgiving: Thursday, 11/28 and Friday, 11/29

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-9-52-29-amOPEN STUDIO
Mondays, 10AM to noon (Sept 9 to Dec 9); Thursdays, 10 AM to noon and 1PM to 3PM (Sept 12 to Dec 12) | $35

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Three times a week the art studio is open for individuals to come work independently on their artwork. For enrolled art students, this time is included in the class fee. There is a small charge for individuals who wish to work during this time who are not enrolled in art classes.

Mondays, 10AM to noon | Sept 9 to Dec 9| $35 | Rena Rappaport | Materials Included or Bring Your Own

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Start your Monday off beading among friends. Some equipment will be provided, and students are encouraged to bring their own. Beaders can bring broken necklaces to fix, jewelry needing redesign or they can make new jewelry. Open to beginners!

Tuesdays, 10AM to noon | Sept 10 to Dec 10| $95 | Donna Levinstone | Materials included *THIS CLASS IS FULL*

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This class explores traditional collage, using paper and various found objects. Students are encouraged to explore printmaking techniques and a variety of drawing and painting materials. At the end of each class students hang  their work on the wall and have a group discussion. This provides endless inspiration as each student expresses him or herself in unique ways. Students are also exposed to the work of professional collage artists and painters to learn about different styles and techniques throughout time.

Tuesdays, 10AM to noon | Sept 10 to Dec 10| $80| Yvette Bendahan | Materials included

Thursdays, 10AM to noon | Sept 12 to Dec 12| $80| Yvette Bendahan | Materials included

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Private, individualized instruction for all levels. Students learn how to cut the glass, assemble pieces according to a pattern or create something original in color, shape and form. The final accomplishment is a thing of beauty in color and design.

Wednesdays, 10AM to 1PM | Sept 11 to Dec 11 | $140| Gene Wisniewski | Bring your own materials

Wednesdays, 2PM to 5PM | Sept 11 to Dec 11| $140 | Gene Wisniewski | Bring your own materials *THIS SECTION IS FULL*

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Students will enjoy highly personalized instruction in drawing and painting in a fun, casual atmosphere. They will learn to express themselves and improve their technical skills in all media including charcoal, pencil, oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Students can work from photographs or develop their own abstract style.

Thursdays, 1 PM to 3 PM | Sept 12 to Dec 12 | $80| Al Bukszpan | Materials Included

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This class covers watercolor tints, mixing colors and manipulations with a watercolor brush. Students will create still life and landscape pieces. Open to beginners and advanced students.

Fridays, 10AM to noon | Sept 13 to Dec 13| $200| Jamie Boyle | Materials Included or Bring Your Own

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Learn traditional weaving techniques—and invent your own—this fall!! Experimentation and play are encouraged as we learn and build upon new skills in the weaving studio. This instructional class is perfect for absolute beginners and experienced weavers alike. We will cover the basics for those new to the process and those seeking a refresher. Experienced weavers will have the opportunity to expand their skills through individualized projects.

Fridays, 10AM to 12:30PM | Sept 13 to Dec 13 | $125 | Donna Levinstone | Materials included

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The pastel class explores traditional and abstract pastel drawing. Students learn about the different types of pastel that are being used today, including soft pastel, hard pastel, oil pastel and even water soluble oil pastel. Participants work both from observation and imagination. Work includes pastels in a mixed media capacity combining them with other medium such as marker, watercolor and even collage. Students will have an opportunity to learn about pastel painting through looking at different artists throughout history. At the end of each class, they will also have an opportunity to look at each others work and share their process and thoughts.

Fridays, 1 PM to 3 PM | Sept 13 to Dec 13 | $80 | Jon Rettich

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Drawing from the nude is one of the classic pillars of fine art. It offers exciting insights into how to see and experience the ways the figure can be used in art and what intrigued the artists whose work is in galleries and museums. The instructor offers brief but individualized instruction to help people enjoy this class and build on what they have. This is not a novice class, students should have some knowledge of figure drawing.


screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-9-52-36-amZUMBA GOLD
Mondays, 3 PM to 4 PM | Sept 9 to Dec 9 | $60 | Roger Puckett

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A lower intensity Zumba class designed to focus on balance, range of motion, and coordination. The Zumba Gold choreography is easy to follow and you will leave feeling empowered and strong! .

Tuesdays, 10:30 AM to 11:30 | Sept 10 to Dec 10 | $60 | Margot Townsend 

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These effective and comfortable guided lessons will help you to improve your balance, flexibility and ability to function in daily movements.

Tuesdays, 3 PM to 4 PM | Sept 10 to Dec 10| $80 | Mike Lesser *Bring your own mat 

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This group fitness class will be sitting in a chair as well as standing using the Pilates Principles to build an awareness and connection to deep core stabilizing muscles in a focused fun format. This is a barefoot class to gain better connection to the floor.

Wednesdays, 11 AM to 12:00 PM | Sept 11 to Dec 11 | $55 | Roger Puckett

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A slow dance that unlocks the energy within you. Awakening the body through gentle and dynamic moves.

Wednesdays, 2PM to 3PM | Sept 11 to Dec 11 | $90 | Meli Zinberg

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Lengthen, Strengthen and Align! A unique exercise class fusing elements and principles of dance, physical therapy, yoga, pilate and ideokinesis. We’ll gently work to find our center, tone our muscles, increase our flexibility and elongate our stance.

Thursdays, 11 AM to noon | Sept 12 to Dec 12 | $85 | Ellen Zimmerli

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Nia Technique is an intelligent fitness practice that blends the movements of dance, martial arts, and healing arts.  This wonderful blend of safe and fun exercise is designed to help your whole body feel stronger. You will develop better posture, more flexibility and have more energy for all the things you love to do.

Fridays, 11 AM to noon | Sept 13 to Dec 13 | $65 | Agnes Atwood

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Based on Hatha yoga principles and with the support of a chair. This class promotes enhanced alignment



Tuesdays, 3 PM to 5 PM | Sept 10 to Dec 10 | $100 | William Lyons Lee

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Each class, open to all levels, begins with warm-ups and site reading exercises, and progresses to vocal pieces from various sources. Singing is great for the health and the spirit, especially in groups!

Wednesdays, 3PM to 4:30PM | Sept 11 to Dec 11 | $115 | Scott Klavan 

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This class offers the opportunity for high-level work on scenes, monologues, songs and improvisations. Scott is known for providing individualized attention and helping build self-confidence and public speaking skills. Above all Acting is a positive and fun group experience! All levels are welcome.


Fridays, 1PM to 2:30 (Schedule may change) | $50 for 11 classes | Mark York

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Ellie Ressler Musical Theater with Mark York celebrates the classic musical theater songs of Broadway.  All songs are from the 1980s and prior. If you like to sing, whether you have a great voice or not, feel free to join.  All that is required is your love for classic Broadway Music.


The majority of these classes are free to members. Most are offered year-round and do not adhere to our semester schedule.

Mondays, 10AM to noon| FREE | Engage Volunteers from the JCC

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A help desk for questions regarding phones, tablets and laptops. Please bring your own devices when possible. Schedule a week in advance by calling (212) 687-5030 x 0

Mondays, 11AM to noon | FREE | Ruth Taller and Betty Feldman

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Each week members read a short story, provided one week in advance, and participate in a facilitated discussion about that story. Discussions are lively and thought-provoking!

Mondays, 12:10PM to 1:10PM | FREE | Marcia Ostwind 

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A space for women to share problems and discuss solutions, while building connections and community. New members are always welcome.

Mondays, 1:00PM to 2:00PM  | FREE | Susan Matthias | *BEGINS OCTOBER 28th 

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Odysseus.  Achilles.  Agamemnon. Clytemnestra.  Helen of Troy.  Medea.  Oedipus the King.  Aeneas founder of Rome.  Orpheus and Eurydice.  Explore how the ancient myths which have engaged people for thousands of years are still relevant to our modern world.  Each week will begin with an overview of the character and story to be discussed, followed by questions intended to inspire conversations.

Tuesdays, 11 AM to noon| FREE |
Tom Kranidas, Professor Emeritus Stony Brook University

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Each session will pose a famous question from a well-known literary text. Tom will provide background on the text before jumping into a group discussion about the social and ethical issues surrounding the question and its potential answers.

Tuesdays, 12:10PM to 1:10PM | FREE | Howard Fischer

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Male members discuss issues that affect their lives — problems they have, resources they need, how they order their lives, physical and mental health issues, friendship, etc.

Tuesdays, 12:35PM to 1:35 | FREE | Laird Whitehill

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The course begins where you are, and is always at your level. The universe is big, really big. Bigger than you imagine. Even bigger than that. The students’ job in this course is to try to imagine the universe as the teacher takes them through it. The universe is a spectacular place, and members tour it, week by week, as they explore the planets, moons, stars, and galaxies — their histories, their stories, their pictures.

MEDITATION: A Universal Tradition
Wednesdays, 11AM-12:15PM  | FREE | Richard Goldberg

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Members practice the art of meditation through silence, relaxation, gentle movement, and conversation. Newcomers are always instructed in the procedure and all questions regarding practice are answered.

Wednesdays, 1PM to 2PM | FREE | Ruth Taller and Arlene Kossoff

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Members read a new article or non-fiction essay each week and come for a stimulating discussion.

Thursdays, 11 AM to noon | FREE | Jeffrey Zadoff

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Join Jeffrey Zadoff for cookies and great conversations. We will be cordially discussing current events that take place in the community, nation and world. Bring your vast knowledge and experience and let us all share our individuality in tasteful, meaningful and spirited discussions. Jeffrey, a retired IT professional with a passion for current events, is NCJW NY’s very-own staff member Aviva Zadoff’s father.

Thursdays, 2:15PM to 3:15PM | FREE  | Howard Fischer

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A weekly discussion of topics pertaining to how it FEELS to age. Topics include coping with physical and mental disabilities, financial concerns, loss of loved ones, etc.

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Monday, September 9, 2019 from 8:00 am
Friday, December 13, 2019 from 5:00 pm