**Council House will be closed for Martin Luther King Day on Monday 1/17 and for Presidents’ Day on Monday 2/21.**

1/1/21 Update: NCJW NY has revised our COVID Safety Policies in response to the Omicron variant. Although we plan to continue to remain open, we have made some changes to our requirements to attend an in-person class at Council House. Please review the revised policies here.
You must review these policies in order to attend an in-person class.   
Classes are first-come first-served, and enrollment will be limited due to COVID-19 safety measures. Classes may be cancelled, re-scheduled or changed to a virtual format at any time due to safety concerns.
Given the ever changing situation with COVID-19 all participants should assess whether coming to activities at Council House is right for you. Please consult with your personal doctors and family members before joining us.

CLL programming is only open to members of NCJW NY. Membership costs $72 per year. Become a member here.

For those in financial need the membership fee can be waived and class scholarships are available. Please contact our social worker Letitia about financial aide at lmaun@ncjwny.org.

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Mondays, 10 AM – noon | Jan 3 – Mar 14 | $35 for unregistered art students, no charge for registered art students |Independent Work
Fridays, 1 PM – 3 PM | Jan 6 – Mar 18 | Independent Work

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Two times a week the art studio is open for individuals to come work independently on their artwork. For enrolled art students, this time is included in their class fee. There is a small charge for individuals who wish to work during this time who are not enrolled in art classes.

Mondays, 10 AM – noon | Jan 3 – Mar 14 | $45 (materials included) | Rena Rappaport

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Start your Monday off beading among friends. Some equipment will be provided, and students are encouraged to bring their own. Beaders can bring broken necklaces to fix, jewelry needing redesign or they can make new jewelry. Open to beginners!

Mondays, 1 PM – 4 PM | Jan 3– Mar 14 | $130 (includes $20 materials fee) | Marilyn Walter

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Discover the magic of developing and incorporating a sketchbook/workbook into your creative process.  For those who love to paint, collage, draw, or use digital devices learn to “see” the unlimited possibilities and different ways of starting a sketchbook.  Gather information knowledge, and inspiration from other artists’ images as you see and finesse your artwork to completion. Individual instructor attention and group participation in ongoing discussions of work in progress is an important aspect of the class. Bring a few pieces of work for the first class for discussion. 

Mondays, 2 PM – 3 PM | Jan. 24 – Feb. 28 (except Feb 21st, President’s Day) |$50 | Gene Wisniewski

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Take this studio style art class from the comfort of your home. Each week Gene will create and share a still life and coach students as they draw/paint/create the form. Come prepared with the art supplies of your choosing. Register to receive Zoom information

Tuesdays, 10 AM – noon | Jan 4 – Mar 15 | $125 (includes $15 materials fee) | Donna Levinstone

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This class explores traditional collage, using paper and various found objects. Students are encouraged to explore printmaking techniques and a variety of drawing and painting materials. At the end of each class students hang their work on the wall and have a group discussion. This provides endless inspiration as each student expresses themselves in unique ways. Students are also exposed to the work of professional collage artists and painters to learn about different styles and techniques throughout time.

Tuesdays, 1 PM – 3 PM | Jan 4 – Mar 15| $125 (includes $15 materials fee)| Donna Levinstone

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The pastel class explores traditional and abstract pastel drawing. Students learn about the different types of pastel that are being used today, including soft pastel, hard pastel, oil pastel and even water soluble oil pastel. Participants work both from observation and imagination. Work includes pastels in a mixed media capacity combining them with other medium such as marker, watercolor and even collage. Students will have an opportunity to learn about pastel painting through looking at different artists throughout history. At the end of each class, they will also have an opportunity to look at each others work and share their process and thoughts.

Wednesdays, 1 PM – 4 PM | Jan 5 – Mar 16 | $150| Gene Wisniewski

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Students will enjoy highly personalized instruction in drawing and painting in a fun, casual atmosphere. They will learn to express themselves and improve their technical skills in all media including charcoal, pencil, oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Students can work from photographs or develop their own abstract style.

Thursdays, 10 AM – noon | Jan 6 – Mar 17 | $65 (materials included) | Yvette Bendahan

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Private, individualized instruction for all levels. Students learn how to cut the glass, assemble pieces according to a pattern or create something original in color, shape and form. The final accomplishment is a thing of beauty in color and design.

Thursdays, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM | Jan 6 – Feb 24 | $115 (includes $15 materials fee)| Elisa DeLaRoche

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This workshop will explore three-dimensional art using simple materials: paper, wood, wire, and non-hardening clay. Working with observation and imagination, we will look at the work of other artists at the beginning of class (ie: Louise Nevelson and Alexander Calder), and share our work at the end. Our creative journey will be emphasized by encouraging thinking about artwork in the same way one would reflect on a dream: look at it, talk about it, develop it further, or let it go. 

Fridays, 10 AM – noon| Feb 4 – Mar 8| $100| Jose Picayo

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Learn traditional weaving techniques—and invent your own—this Winter! Experimentation and play are encouraged as we learn and build upon new skills in the weaving studio. This instructional class is perfect for absolute beginners and experienced weavers alike. We will cover the basics for those new to the process and those seeking a refresher. Experienced weavers will have the opportunity to expand their skills through individualized projects.

Fridays, 1 PM – 2:15 PM| Jan 7 – Mar 18| $45| Carol Gelles

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Whether you think of it as Meditative Drawing or Extreme Doodling, Zentangles provide a great way to create artwork while destressing from everyday life. Zentangles is an easy-to-learn set of patterns that you will combine to create beautiful images. It is a perfect opportunity for those who don’t consider themselves particularly creative to find their inner artist. Carol Gelles is a self-taught zentangler who can introduce to you this relaxing and fun art form!


Tuesdays, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM | Jan 4 – Mar 15| $70 | Margot Townsend

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These effective and comfortable guided lessons will help you to improve your balance, flexibility and ability to function in daily movements.

Tuesdays, 3 PM – 4 PM | Jan 4 – Mar 15 | $75 | Mike Lesser

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This group fitness class will be sitting in a chair as well as standing using the Pilates Principles to build an awareness and connection to deep core stabilizing muscles in a focused fun format. This is a barefoot class to gain better connection to the floor.

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-9-52-40-amINSTRUCTIONAL VOICE
Mondays, 2:45 PM- 4:45 PM | Jan 3 – Mar 14 | $115| William Lyon Lee

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Each class, open to all levels, begins with warm-ups and site reading exercises, and progresses to vocal pieces from various sources. Singing is great for the health and the spirit, especially in groups!

Fridays, 1 PM to 2:30 |
Jan 7 – Mar 18* *Schedule May Change| $60 | Mark York

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Ellie Ressler Musical Theater with Mark York celebrates the classic musical theater songs of Broadway. All songs are from the 1980s and prior. If you like to sing, whether you have a great voice or not, feel free to join. All that is required is your love for classic Broadway Music.

Unless otherwise noted, discussion classes are free to members, and are offered year-round.

Mondays, by appointment only | Engage Volunteers from the JCC

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A help desk for questions regarding phones, tablets and laptops. Please bring your own devices when possible. Schedule in advance by calling (212) 687-5030 x 0.

Mondays, 11 AM – noon |  Ruth Taller & Arlene Kossoff

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Each week members read a short story, provided one week in advance, and participate in a facilitated discussion about that story. Discussions are lively and thought-provoking! This class meets virtually via Zoom till the end of February. Planning to join? Email Denise denise@ncjwny.org for Zoom log in information.
*Space is limited

Mondays, 1 PM – 2 PM | Feb 7 – Mar 14 | David Arnold

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This course, in its second term following the fall’s study of Plato and Aristotle, will continue to examine some of the most abiding concerns of humankind. In this quest to understand we will have the assistance of Descartes, Spinoza, Rousseau, Locke and others. What is truth? How should we lead an ethical life? What is the ideal state? What is justice? How do we know? These are all questions we confront every day. Philosophy and its study will give us a reliable foundation to appreciate the complexity of such issues and a wonderful ability to make sense of them. Future sessions will consider the writings of Kant, Hume, Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Kierkegaard, and Sartre. Please feel free to join us on this quest!

Register in advance with Denise at denise@ncjwny.org or 646-884-9468.

Tuesdays, 11 AM – 12 PM | Howard Fischer

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Male members discuss issues that affect their lives — problems they have, resources they need, how they order their lives, physical and mental health issues, friendship, etc. 

Tuesdays, 1 PM – 2 PM| 2/8-2/22 | Mel Haber

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This course provides an in-depth look at three major composers that are part of “the Great American Songbook:” Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, and Cole Porter. Learn about the life of each composer, and watch videos of their songs sung by great singers including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett and Peggy Lee. Whether this group meets virtually or in-person is being determined. Stay tuned for updates.

Register in advance with Denise at denise@ncjwny.org or 646-884-9468 to receive Zoom log-in information.

This class FREE and open to the public thanks to a gift from the Gerson Family Foundation.

Wednesdays, 11 AM – 12:15 PM | Richard Goldberg

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Members practice the art of meditation through silence, relaxation, gentle movement, and conversation. Newcomers are always instructed in the procedure and all questions regarding practice are answered. Wednesday Meeting ID: 857 5896 3095; Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85758963095

Wednesdays, 1 PM – 2 PM | Ruth Taller and Arlene Kossoff

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Members read a new article or non-fiction essay each week and come for a stimulating discussion.
This class meets virtually via Zoom till the end of February. Planning to join? Email Denise denise@ncjwny.org for Zoom log in information.
*Space is limited

Thursdays, 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM| Beverly Katz

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All virtual Knitwits sessions will take place from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM. They will be meeting virtually for all of March and April on:
For Zoom login information and any other questions, contact Denise at denise@ncjwny.org

Thursdays, 11 AM – noon| Participant-led

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We will be cordially discussing current events that take place in the community, nation and world. Bring your vast knowledge and experience and let us all share our individuality in tasteful, meaningful and spirited discussions. This class meets virtually via Zoom. Planning to join? Email Denise denise@ncjwny.org for Zoom log in information.

Thursdays, 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM | Howard Fischer

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A weekly discussion of topics pertaining to how it FEELS to age. Topics include coping with physical and mental disabilities, financial concerns, loss of loved ones, etc.

Fridays, 9:30 AM – 12 PM

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Space available for experienced Mah Jongg players. Mah Jongg rules apply- no betting. Beginners welcome to start their own game.

Fridays, 10A M – 11 AM | Richard Goldberg

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Members practice the art of meditation through silence, relaxation, gentle movement, and conversation. Newcomers are always instructed in the procedure and all questions regarding practice are answered.

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89462205644\
Phone Number: 646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 894 6220 5644