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The Pregnancy Loss Support Program recommends A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss. Both Ingrid Kohn and Perry-Lynn Moffitt have a long association with the Pregnancy Loss Support Program. Many PLSP clients were interviewed for both the first and second editions of the book.

Pregnancy Loss Support Program (PLSP)
for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Newborn Death

About Us:
Professionally trained PLSP volunteers offer nationwide telephone counseling and New York metropolitan area support groups for parents who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death, as well as to women who are pregnant following a loss. PLSP services are free of charge, open to the community, and non-sectarian. Our program is guided by a licensed social worker with extensive expertise in pregnancy loss.

Telephone counseling:
Our professionally trained volunteers, who have been through our program following their own pregnancy losses, provide personal and prompt nationwide telephone counseling for men and women. Both male and female volunteers, as well as Spanish and English speaking counselors are available.

Peer Support Groups:
Following telephone counseling, bereaved parents in the New York metropolitan area may join our peer support groups which are facilitated by two trained volunteers who themselves have suffered a pregnancy loss. The sessions consist of the same small group of participants who return for each of the six weekly meetings together. At every meeting, a brief presentation is followed by an open discussion guided by our volunteer counselors. Topics include:
  • coping with grief;
  • the responses of family, friends, clergy, and medical community to the loss;
  • the impact a loss may have on the couple's relationship;
  • dealing with anger, jealousy, and guilt; and
  • facing another pregnancy.
Even the most loving friends and family may not understand a grieving couple's needs, which can lead to their experiencing additional isolation and sorrow. The comfort and validation our group participants receive enables them to acknowledge and express their grief so that they can begin to heal and look to the future with hope.

Support for Pregnancy After a Loss:
For those who are pregnant after a loss, telephone support services are available nationwide.

Professional Referrals:
Our licensed social worker can make referrals to psychotherapists in the New York metropolitan area who specialize in perinatal loss.

Resource List:
PLSP has created a list of support resources available nationwide and in the New York metropolitan area including support groups, counseling, suggested reading and other information. click here to download Perinatal Loss Support Resources using Acrobat Reader.

Printed Information:
Understanding Your Pregnancy Loss: Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Newborn Death, is a booklet with helpful advice and information for parents and families who have suffered a pregnancy loss. To order copies individually or in bulk, please call (212) 687-5030 ext. 464 or click here to download a free version of Understanding Your Pregnancy Loss by using Acrobat Reader.

Now Available in Spanish! Understanding Your Pregnancy Loss, or Entendiendo Su Pérdida de Embarazo: Haciéndole Frente al Aborto No Provocado Mortínato o Muerte de un Recién Nacído, is now available in Spanish. To order copies individually or in bulk, please call (212) 687-5030 ext. 464 or click here to download a free version of Understanding Your Pregnancy Loss by using Acrobat Reader.

Please note: You will need the Acrobat® Reader to view Perinatal Loss Support Resources and Understanding Your Pregnancy Loss. If you don't have this plug-in, you may download it from the Adobe Web Site.


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Contact Us:
For more information, to receive counseling, to join a support group or to obtain a referral, please call the Pregnancy Loss Support Program at (212) 687-5030 ext. 464 or at plsp@ncjwny.org.

National Council of Jewish Women • New York Section
241 W. 72nd Street • New York, NY 10023
687-5030 • email: info@ncjwny.org