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241 West 72nd Street
New York New York 10023
Telephone: 212-687-5030
FAX: 212-799-7283
Email: info@ncjwny.org

President, Karol Todrys
Email: ktodrys@ncjwny.org

Executive Office
Andrea Salwen Kopel, Executive Director
Email: akopel@ncjwny.org
Phone: 646-884-9460

Business Office
Rita Shapiro, Finance/Operations Director
Email: rs@ncjwny.org
Phone: 646-884-9463

Community Services, Council Lifetime Learning, PLSP
Susie Drazen, Director of Community Services
Email: sdrazen@ncjwny.org
Phone: 646-884-9461

Outreach and Engagement
Yael Reisman, Director of Outreach and Engagement
Email: yreisman@ncjwny.org
Phone: 646-884-9462

Sari Anthony, Director of Development
Email: santhony@ncjwny.org
Phone: 646-884-9466

Rachel Klionsky, Development & Communications Associate
Email: rklionsky@ncjwny.org
Phone: 646-884-9465

Social Work Office
Letitia Maun, Social Worker
Email: lmaun@ncjwny.org
Phone: 646-884-9471

Eleanor Leff Jewish Women's Resource Center,
Email: info@ncjwny.org
Phone: 646-884-9461

Pregnancy Loss Support Program (PLSP)
Phone: 646-884-6464

Council Thrift Shop
246 East 84th Street
Telephone: 212-439-8373
FAX: 212-439-8374
Karen Frazer, Co-Manager
Kathy Malatesta, Co-Manager
E-mail: kfrazer@ncjwny.org

National Council of Jewish Women
475 Riverside Drive, #1901
Telephone: 212-645-4048
FAX: 212-645-7466

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National Council of Jewish Women • New York Section
241 W. 72nd Street • New York, NY 10023
212-687-5030 • email: info@ncjwny.org