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We take a stand on many issues. . .
But we concentrate our advocacy on these important concerns:
  • Child Care
    NCJW NY Section is committed to quality affordable and accessible childcare for all children. NCJW's childcare campaign identifies current inadequacies in childcare, educates the community as to the needs of individual families and informs legislators of these issues.

  • Reproductive Choice
    NCJW NY Section believes in reproductive rights for all women throughout the world and supports the Roe v. Wade decision, which grants the freedom to choose here in the U.S. We oppose any diminution of this right.

  • Separation of Religion and State
    NCJW NY Section recognizes the importance of the separation of religion and state and opposes the use of public funds to finance parochial education.

  • Strategies to Prevent Domestic Violence and Sweatshops
    NCJW NY Section is raising awareness of the pervasiveness of domestic violence, as co-chair of the DV Walk. NY Section has formed the No Sweatshop coalition to promote action against sweatshops.

  • Support for Israel
    NCJW NY Section recognizes the contributions that Israel is making to the world community and stands ready to applaud, question and provide informed briefings to Congress.

For information about our stand on other important issues
and what YOU can do to advocate,

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National Council of Jewish Women • New York Section
241 W. 72nd Street • New York, NY 10023
212-687-5030 • email: info@ncjwny.org